About RMII

Company History

Reactive Metals International Inc. was founded in October 2010 as a
subsidiary of MACH I in order to grow the MACH I line of commercial reactive material products.

RMII has recently expanded its operations to a leased facility on the EMRTC campus in Socorro NM, further expanding our mission of taking reactive material concepts to commercial production.

Reactive composites provide enhanced lethality, blast and impulse for a range of DOD applications. RMII can design materials to suit performance needs. This technology enables the manufacture of components with a predictable energy release and fragmentation behavior


Government • Private • International

Contract Vehicles

  • Phase I – AFRL – Reactive Materials for Enhanced Blast – Completed Q3 2012
  • Phase I – Army – Designer Composite Reactive Materials – Completed Q3 2012
  • Phase II – ONR – Reactive Metal Composite Materials with Enhanced
  • Ignition/Deflagration Efficiencies – Completed Q4 2018
  • Phase II – MDA – Reactive Nanocomposite Materials for Enhanced Lethality Kinetic Warheads – Began Q4 2015