Reactive Metals International

Delivering Tomorrow’s Technology Today

RMII offers reactive materials, reactive material development services, energetic testing services and innovative products for propellants, ordnance, pyrotechnics and the aerospace industry.

Consider RMII for your reactive metal needs which combine the high enthalpy from metal fuels with the high reaction rates of nanomaterials, while maintaining the safety and cost efficiency of micron-scale particles.

RMII produces reactive engineered materials (REM) with specific thermodynamic and physical properties. Our business is growing by consistently delivering high quality products ranging from REM development services through REM manufacture and supply.

HDRM fragment and sabot prepared for ballistic testing.

All materials are manufactured at our plant in King of Prussia, PA, or at our
site in Socorro, NM, USA.

RMII has a fully integrated RM production facility on the EMRTC site where we lease office space, laboratory, and manufacturing facilities.

RM Component Design
Custom processing of powders for tailored chemical and mechanical properties